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If you want to add a Website to a toplist you don't use this function but you go to the toplist and click "Add or update Website".

Attention: Do you have more than 1 toplist? Then, make sure that the control panel only is open for 1 at the same time.

, If you want to log in on an existing TopSite then use the correct name.
If not then a new TopSite will be created besides the existing one.


TopSiteGuide Toplist News:

03 Oct. 2010 Topsiteguide.net
Introducing topsiteguide.net. We offer now besides topsiteguide.com also the domain topsiteguide.net for your toplist. We expect important benefits in the search engines for the .net version for non adult toplists. The .net domain will bring you more visitors. You have the opportunity in the control panel to make the switch to topsiteguide.net. We recommend to do so if you have still a toplist on topsiteguide.com. Existing vote links will continue to work normally but we recommend here also to change from .com to .net. Both domains will remain available without limitations.

24 Sept. 2010 Tinypic
Yesterday Tinypic stopped their services for uploaded images. Resulting that we started a procedure to replace the images. Now they indicate at their website that they changed their mind and restored the service. If you want you can take the decision to use their service again or much better and more reliable use your own and private web space at Webspace

23 Apr. 2010 Availability
Lately there where problems with the availability of TopSiteGuide. This was provoked by torrent-sites which where sending enormous amounts of useless traffic to our system (more than 20 times the normal traffic). We block this traffic and also from now on we don’t accept any website or toplists related with torrents.

Besides that there are several sites (among others also again torrent-sites) who think they can make use of Spam to promote their toplist and/or listing on a toplist. Every site or toplist which make use of any kind of unsolicited e-mail will be removed and added to the blacklist. We ask also the owners of the toplist to remove any sites suspicioius of using spam.

Also many sites from Turkey are using frequently using hit-bots and other systems to send high amounts of useless traffic to our system. At this moment we are accepting sites from Turkey again but sites from that country had to be watched specially.

TopsiteGuide is vey succesful and contantly growing. We are working on a system which will be able to resist such an attack. Thank you for your patients. Soon all toplists will work perfectly again. A donation of your side to help with the only raising costs for the web hosting is much appreciated so you can continue to make use of our system. A donation is possible at the page of the

05 Sept. 2008 Banner Creator importantly improved
The Banner Creator is improved with even more possibilities, such as glitter texts and much more. Take a look fast and spread the good news to everyone. Don't forget to link to the Banner Creator. Thank you for your support. The Banner Creator stays 100% free. Banner Creator.

01 Sept.-2007 Color center adjustable
Possibility to adjust the color of the center of the table independently of the color of the rest of the table

18-Aug. 2007 Maximum number of banners
It is now possible to adjust the maximum number of banners on the toplist with the control-panel. The rest will be shown only as text.

A Topsite or Toplist is a very powerful tool to promote your own website. Also when you do not own a website or homepage you can start a toplist with us. For example to make a collection of sites of your favorite subject. You don’t need any programming experience or web space. All this is 100% free! You will get a clear, fast and effective interface to maintain your free toplist.

Why are we better then any other TopSite-List?
The answer is speed!
This initiative has been taken years ago because of bad personal experiences with other toplists when submitting websites, putting the vote-link on the site and still no position in the toplist. Waiting a week and still nothing, so having no other option to delete the vote-link. With TopSiteGuide this will not happen. A webmaster will experience direct result of his/her work. That is motivating! Of course a system like that is more complex especially in cases of abuse. In the years of existence we developed many techniques and methods to protect your Toplist against cheaters. TopSiteGuide is a honest topsite-list.

It is possible to adjust the toplist complete in the style as you like with the following possibilities:

  • You can delete sites from the list when you want.
  • You can change vote-banners when you want. You only update the control panel and automatically all the banners on all the member sites of your toplist will be changed too. It is not necessary to contact all the webmasters for that.
  • The owner of the toplist can use the password of the toplist to make changes in the accounts.
  • Option to allow direct submission or not.
  • Adult filter as help to detect adult-sites if you don't accept them.
  • Choice of 5 different banners for your Toplist.
  • Use of standard or your own banners.
  • Your own background image for your Toplist.
  • Adjusting color of table and background of page.
  • Adjusting color of header and table-text.
  • Writing your own header text.
  • Confirmation site through e-mail to user and owner of the Toplist. Possible to switch on and off.
  • Automatic help for you to assure banners of the members are working.
  • For TopSite lists without advertisements and with more than 100 unique en natural visitors a day we will host for free your own vote-banners/buttons for the toplist.
  • Title and Keywords for the html maintainable very simple.
  • Members of your Topsite will show up also automatically in the TopSiteGuide search engine. This makes submitting to your Topsite extra attractive.
  • Topsites of TopSiteGuide will gain better positions also in other search engines because of effective seo (search engine optimization).
  • Free backgrounds for your toplist.
  • Automatic Anti Spam site check.
  • Free banner creator to easily design your own banners.

You decide what kind of sites are allowed on your TopSite. You are the owner and you can manage it the way you want. We will accept any kind of websites with the restriction that it must be 100% legal for international laws and of good taste. Sites with sexually oriented content with underage (-18 years) models are never allowed and will be erased. We reserve the right to refuse any website on this free system.

The ranking will take place on the average amount of votes you will get from the sites and counting the last day stronger. So, new sites will have their chance also to be in the list and do not have to wait a long time but also your old and loyal sites will be reward with a good position. The ranking will updated constantly and automatically.

Your visitors will not be bordered with programs which install on the computer of the visitor. All this is not for you with this Toplist. But you do offer a clean, fast working Toplist. Your members will see directly result and not have to wait for days. In a few words: the ideal Toplist.

You can create or maintain a free toplist by filling in the name of the Toplist with a password. This can be any name you like. It is not a URL or e-mail-address. If the Toplist does not exists and the name is available then it will be registered immediately and you will have control over your new Topsite.

Do you have already a TopSite list and forgot the password? Then fill in stead of the password ??? and the password will be send to the e-mail address of the Topsite.


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